Technical Information

This page has technical explanations on the following topics:

  1. General Discussion of Blend Door Design
  2. Jeep Grand Cherokee Dual Control Experiments
  3. Ford Explorer "Nail Fix" Experiments
  4. Jeep Grand Cherokee Evaluation
  5. Jeep Grand Cherokee Re-Circ Door Replacement Process (Video)
  6. Ford Explorer '02+ Alternative Installation Process
  7. Ford Explorer '02+ Technical Problems and Solution
  8. Jeep Grand Cherokee Blend Door Fix (Video)
  9. Ford Taurus/Mercury Sable Diagnostic Process (Video)
  10. Motor Madness - Information On How To Diagnose Actuator Motor Problems
  11. Grand Cherokee Dual Control Wiring Diagrams
  12. Motor Calibration Procedure For Jeep Grand Cherokee '99-'04
  13. Ford F150 Video
  14. Ford Expedition/Lincoln Navigator Video
  15. Dodge Ram '02-'08 Video
  16. 2008 Dodge Ram General Info
  17. Jeep Grand Cherokee Right Hand Drive Customer Installation Set
  18. Ford Explorer ('96-'02), Ranger, Mercury Mountaineer, Mazda Installation Video
  19. Ford Windstar Video
  20. Jeep Cherokee 1997+ Blend Door Replacement
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