Here are some of the emails that we've recieved from our customers.


“I Saved So Much Money…”

“Hello Heater Treater! I bought your combo kit — HeaterTreater Re-circ and Blend door Fixes — and I am writing to tell you that I am blown away at how well you have put this repair together to fix a very poor design by Jeep. Your attention to detail right down to the beefed up collars for the actuator motors is just SO impressive. The instruction sheet that you provide was extremely helpful. I really appreciated the parts in it where you instruct on what not to do, and what to be careful of. I saved SO MUCH MONEY using your kits by, first, not paying the dealer exorbitant fees for the repair, second, not having to rent a car while they took their time, and third, having the know how instructions to do it myself. The replacement doors that you have designed fit like a glove.

I am one VERY happy, and VERY appreciative customer.

Thank you!”

- Joey, Fullerton, CA



“The Fix Is Better Than What The Manufacturer Would Have Done”

“It is very rare that I make any type of purchase that I truly believe I got my money’s worth but this heatertreater was just that and more! Not only did it fix the problem with my heater but it saved me several hundred dollars and the fix is better that what the manufacturer would have done which I am sure is replace the busted part with the same cheap part that broke in the first place. The instructions were clear, the video was detailed and gave me the confidence to do it myself which I did in under an hour!

Thanks again!”




“I Completed The Fix In About 45 Minutes!”

“Hello, I have to tell you how impressed I am with the sound design of your product, and my surprise at the speed in which you handled my order..THANK YOU!

As a former Crew Chief with the US Navy Blue Angels, I am skeptical of most “easy ways out”. I have removed the AC unit twice before on my Jeep and had no desire to do it a third time. Not only are there issues with the AC unit, draining coolant and a ton of labor, you also have to deal with the clock spring and airbag system.

As advertised, I completed the fix in about 45 minutes! The only tip I offer, is that I used a pair of long nose locking pliers to insert the door into the unit giving me much more room to slip the bottom space into place and slide the shaft into the door.

Many Thanks,




“This Worked Perfect”

“Thanks, this worked perfect. A simple 30 minute install, body a little sore but it worked out great. I will refer your product to anyone that needs it. Nice to have regulated heat back again!!!!!!

Thanks Again,




“I Now Have Heat In Australia”

“Hi mate, just a quick email to thank you for the heatertreater, just fitted it and works perfect, i now have heat in Australia after a year without and is especially important as my wife is due to have baby next month. also mate just to let you know the drivers side temp control works both sides on my rhd jeep so no need to swap wires around.

thanks again.”



“Installation Was A Snap”

"I just installed your product. Very awesome product. Installation was a snap. Although I did mention I am a 11 year technician at a Mercedes Benz dealer in Atlanta. We have about 40 technicians at our shop. Everyone who I showed your product to was very impressed! Thanks again and keep up the good work. Let me know if you need and testimates or good reviews.”




“Everything Is Working Correctly”

"Dear Sir,

I just purchased and installed all four doors on my 2004 Dodge 2500. I elected to pull the dash and heater box as I was replacing all the doors. The only problem I encountered was a tight fit on the Mode 2 door, but no major problem.

Just to give you a little history, the blend and defrost doors failed just after my warranty ran out. Nine months later the defrost door failed again. And last week, the defrost door failed once more. The weak link in Chrysler’s system seems to be the white plastic coupling. The stop shears off, the servo motor keeps running and trashes the door.

I was doing a search on Google and stumbled across your website. And I am glad I did. Everything is working correctly once again.”

­ John



“When I Think Of The Money And Time Saved, I Am In Awe”

“Hello There,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you. My ’97 Ford Expedition was very chilly in northern Canada. I took it to a well known automobile service chain and was first quoted $700 saying that I needed to replace the actuator motor. In which I told them to go ahead. They then phoned me back three hours later saying it was actually my blend door and it would be $1917. I told them to leave it and was charged $208 for them to put it back together. I typed in HVAC system on my computer and came across you! I asked my husband what he thought and he said to try it, and it is awesome! They wanted to replace the heater box, heater core and blend door and when I think of the money and time saved, I am in awe. My 65 year old dad and I put it together in an afternoon and I am so proud for finding you. I love you guys, you make me hot…haha! (Shipping was fast to Canada and no issues with customs!)” Jennifer

Grande Prairie, Alberta




“I Am More Than Satisfied”

“Heater treater folks,

I have to let you know, I hate planned obsolesence!!! There is no way that any engineer at Ford can convenience me that they DID NOT know that the heater blend door would eventually fail. I have just completed my repair and I’m more than satisified. Took me longer to get everything (heater ducts, control module etc.) out of the way, than to do the actual repair. It has been one month and 14 inches of snow since I last had heat. You saved me $1200.00 and 2-3 days with out my truck. The local dealership does not get in any kind of a hurry, and will tell you there is no way to repair the heater without removing the entire dash.

You have made a believer out of me. Many of my friends and coworkers drive Ford products and I will be telling them all what to watch out for and how to repair it. Anybody can do this if they have any kind of mechanical skills. Thanks again for saving me $$$$.





“It Worked Out Exactly The Way Your Instructions Said”


I got my F150 heatertreater yesterday and I installed it today; needless to say it worked exactly the way your instructions and video display. I did a little more in cosmetics to cover up the pre-cuts after wards, where you can’t tell there was ever any worked performed. I used glue sticks attached to the pieces I cut out prior to hold it in place, while I glued the seams with hot glue. So everything that was cut out was replaced in its prior position and is just as secured as it was prior to any work taking place; your product definitely is worth the time and effort and both my A/C and heater are both working like new again. Anyone who takes a little time can do this job like a professional, with like new results with a little time putting everything back in the way it came out.”





“The Mechanic Quoted Me $1750 For The Repair”

“Hi Chris and the other HeaterTreater folks,

I’m about as non-mechanically inclined as they come. My wife gets a worried look every time I pick up a tool. So it was with some trepidation that I ordered a HeaterTreater for my ’97 Ford Ranger, which was exhibiting the usual symptoms of a broken blend door. I was sure that I’d be the guy who couldn’t complete the repair, spoiling your spotless record.

The mechanic I use diagnosed the problem and quoted me a price of $1,750 for the repair, which I really, really didn’t want to have to pay.

So my brother pointed me to HeaterTreater.net. I read the information that described the problem exactly, and I also read all the rave reviews from satisfied HeaterTreater.net customers. Convinced that you could help, and convinced that I’d be saving a ton of money in the process, I ordered a HeaterTreater.

The repair took me about four hours, and most of that was spent getting the actuator motor unit installed again. The directions were great, and even a doofus like me successfully managed to make the repair. I’m so happy that I didn’t spoil your perfect record. And now I have a newly purchased Durabuilt rotary tool, which I didn’t have before now. Cool.

My truck now has perfect temperature control, thanks to HeaterTreater. I can’t thank you all enough for giving me the means to make this repair, and for giving me confidence to try to do more stuff with tools in the future. (And there’s my wife, getting that worried look again.)

If I ever have the chance to steer some business your way, I promise to do that. Thank you from another satisfied HeaterTreater customer!”




“Easy Installation With Exceptional Results”

“Not sure if this is where to send customer feedback, but I must tell you how very happy I am.

I ordered the Heater Treater for my ’02 Jeep Grand Cherokee with a little doubt in my mind. Once we got the part the instructions seemed a bit more complicated than we expected. When we were ready to attack the project we watched the You Tube videos……WOW. With the video you almost don’t need the instructions at all. Worked just like you said it would!! This has been the best internet purchase we have ever made. We will be telling everyone we know about your product. Easy installation with exceptional results!!!! Definitely worth the price, saved us at least $1500. Thanks!”




“Thank God I Found Your Website”


Just a note to let you know my feelings:


Your “fix-it kit” is a god-send! I thank god I found your website!

I was quoted that it would cost about $1000+ for a mechanic to do the all day job that would require pulling the dashboard off to get to the blend door part. I dreaded doing this myself when I started looking for the blend door part on the website and was very happy to run into your website. Why I am glad? Well first of all, even if I bought the replacement part from Ford dealership and attempted to fix it myself doing the hard way, it will break again thus all my work will go to waste! Your product is made of metal which should last longer than plastic so that resolved the quality issue. Secondly, your product comes with instructions that showed me the short cut way to fix it quickly without removing the dashboard so that resolved the time issue!

It took me 3 hours when it could have been easy 1 hour which is still better than all day! I took my time and had a little trouble getting the motor’s male “D” thingy to go into the new blend door female “D”. In the end, what really counts is that the job got done and I am one very happy customer of yours! Thanks to your brilliant engineering know how!

Say, do you think you can come up with fix-it kit for my broken driver’s side door power lock? I had to open it with a key instead of the remote. The power locks on the rest of the doors work fine with remote.

Thanks again!”

John T



“My Wife Thinks I’m A Hero”

“Thanks for an excellent product. The installation is as easy as your website says it is. It took 1.5 hours from start to finish. If I had to do another, I could do it in about an hour. I used a dremel with a flexible extension and a cutting drill bit, not the cutting wheel. I drilled out the pattern first and then cut. The directions are well thought out and I wouldn’t change a thing.

I called a Jeep dealer a month ago; they gave me a price over $2k.

This is my wife’s car and she thinks I’m a hero for getting her heat because it’s getting cold in NJ now.

Thanks again.




“The Service I Received Was One Of A Kind”

“Hello my name is Tony Gonzalez,

I live in Oregon, it gets cold and icy for the winter here and I dreaded another winter without heat in my 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. Not to mention the dangers of driving without a windshield defroster while it’s snowing. That changed when I found your website and asked for more info…

Little did I know the owner would call me up at 10:00 am PST. We chatted for some time ( 10 minutes or so) and he made his recommendation for me… I hopped on the internet and clicked away and purchased the thru the glove box kit…. It arrived in a seemingly plain package. I opened the contents… I could count all the parts on one hand. They even supplied Some of the needed small tools and such. I used my dremel, screwdrivers, pliers and a flash light because it started at sunset around 8 pm PST.

By 10:30 PST I completed the install. The directions were easy and the simple photos with references made the install quite simple. I am a IT guy, not a auto repair guy, I talked to my auto guys .. and they are a decent bunch. But…. Their repair was going to cost me over $1000.00 easy and take days to accomplish. I’m glad I found Heater Treater. I feel the service I received from Heater Treater was one of a kind! The “thru the glove box” install was so easy I performed the install in 2 ? hours in the dark!

Thanks for everything!”




“Yet Another Totally Satisfied Customer!”

"Yes, yet another totally satisfied customer!

We had no way of affording the $1000 + fix to my 2000 Windstar heck that is about 25% of it’s darn value…. The blend door fixed the problem and I can now drive in all seasons. Finally have heat which is required here in Pennsylvania. I cannot thank you enough. Was so much eaiser getting it in than out (had problems with that initially). Hubby is quite pleased and recommends you to everyone with the same problem.

Thank you again and blessings to you and your family.”




“Anyone Reading This I Encourage You To Buy This Product”

“I wasn’t sure where to post this so I figured you could paste this up on your comments if needed. My wife has been without heat in her Jeep Grand Cherokee for the past 3 or so years (pretty much the whole time we’ve owned the car). A do-it-yourself friend of ours heard of our problem and did a little research and said ya’lls name is what kept coming up. He messaged me the link, we made the purchase and within 2 hrs. of work we had heat in her Jeep the first time in three years. Just in time before the winter front too. Thank you guys for making it so easy and at such a great price. Our car and my wife and I thank you guys. Anyone reading this I encourage you to buy this product. It works and it only takes a short time to do! I have never been a do-it-yourself guy and was really hesitant to try it at all. But the instructions were thorough and nothing was lacking. Again thanks so much for the tools and the smarts to give us the Heater Treater.”



“If I Can Do It, Anyone Can!”


I live in a suburb of Kansas City, MO and talked with you on the telephone a couple of times over the past two weeks. I wanted to give you an update on my purchase of the “Heater Treater-Blend Door Kit” that I purchased.

The short summary is that your product completely solved my problem with my 1998 Mercury Mountaineer! The product worked absolutely fantastic and your written instructions were easy to understand and execute. Being an investment banker and financial advisor by trade, I am less than an accomplished mechanic! However, when two different mechanics told me it would cost more than $1,000 to fix the problem and they would have to pull out the entire dash, I was determined to find an alternative. I followed your instructions and took my time and it worked out great. We have some incredibly hot summers in Missouri ­ normally in the mid 90?s with 60% humidity or more. Not having an air conditioner was miserable and I avoided driving whenever possible. However, my A/C is “ice cold” and works like its new! I would highly recommend your product to anyone who might be considering fixing their HVAC system in their automobile. If I can do it -anyone can! Please feel free to use this as a testimonial on your web site and thank you so very much for providing such an incredible service.”




The Best $120 I’ve Spent All Year”

“All, Not only was the Blend Door Fix super easy to install, but it is rock solid, and it works a treat. Definately the best $120 I’ve spent all year!

I was dreading another Winter without a heater so much that I was actually thinking about selling the Jeep and buying a new car….so at the very least you’ve saved me $1000+ for a repair by a mechanic, but you’ve quite possibly saved me about $500 in car payments per month for the next 60 months!”

Many thanks!




“My Son Can Defrost His Windshield”


thanks for shipping my blend door so quick.Got within 24 hours. Installed it on my sons 02 explorer.Did all the work without pealing back the dash.Now my son has heat and can defrost the windshield in the morning so I dont have to worry about him crashing. I know what to do when the door fails on my wives 07 explorer.

Thanks again,




“The Directions Were So Simple To Follow”


Wow!! Your blend door fix on my Jeep went great. It took right at an hour but I probably spent a little more time on clean up. I was really impressed on your service and your product. The directions with pictures were so simple to follow. And the little bag of goodies, which were a nice surprise, was of good quality material. It’s nice to know there are still honest people with an honest product out there. I will pass this information along.”

Thank You,




“My Family Can Be Warm When We Ride In The Truck”

"F150 Blend Door/ happy! happy! happy! I want to thank you again for your product. My mechanic was really happy and impressed! It took him 2 hours to get the job done, which is what I expected, going by the step by step instruction provided with the hardware. Alot of time and money saved and I can’t thank you enough. I now have heat and my ac again. I believe that my mechanic sent you an email also, which verified how happy and pleased he was with my purchase. Everything that was needed was included and nothing was missing, as sometimes happens with other purchases. My mechanic kept thanking me for finding you on the web. I came across your web site looking for an alternative to purchasing a $350-something blend door kit from a dealer and paying 7-8 hours (or more) labor costs. I would have paid over a $1000 easy to have my truck fixed and putting everything back together, hooking everthing back up, replacing fluids, recharging the ac if necessary, and more junk that seemed completely unnecessary just so myself and my family can be warm when we ride in the truck. Thank you so much!!!!!! I am so glad I found your site!!!!! ”




“I Am A Novice Car Gal”

"I cannot begin to tell you how THRILLED I am with Heatertreater. I am a novice car gal, and I was able to EASILY install it and get my heat again thanks to the instructions. I literally just sat in my warm car and cried. I have a 19 month old that will be riding in my car and now I have no worries about the heat at all. Thanks for making my life a heck of a lot better this winter!”



“Thank You For Saving Us A Lot Of Money”

“Dear Chris,

Up to now Austin was pretty well only on my map on account of the Armadillo World Headquarters. That has now all changed. Step aside Frank Zappa and Commander Cody lets hear it for Heater Treater !! Took a deep breath, assembled all the info I could and embarked on pulling back the dash to fix the Re-Circ door on a RHD 02 Grand Cherokee with your kit. Its time consuming, fiddly but ultimately not that difficult if you are meticulous and patient and imagine all the diagrams are back to front ! Your tips were really helpful (as were the Band Aids !) and the kit fitted perfectly. I did not have to remove the steering column.

A good tip for any one doing a RHD Grand Cherokee: Because the Re-Circ box is an extremely tight fit and the power plug is on the front/engine side of the box (ie very difficult to access) it makes the refitting much easier if you lengthen the 2 cables from the loom to the box plug so you can plug it in before you slide it back into position. I also installed the Blend Door kit and am just delighted to be blasted with hot and cold air to go with the loud music ! Thank you for saving us such a lot of money. Heater Treater totally rocks !!”


London UK



“My Wife Won’t Need Her Blanket Anymore”


Just wanted to thank you for your quick shipping of my Jeep GC belnds door kit. It arrived in only a couple of days. I was a little nervous about cutting into my wifes jeep, but your instructions with pictures worked great….. It took me about two hours because I was very cautious about each step. Plus I had to go get a 9Volt battery from the store. Everything came out and went in just like your instructions said it would. Had to disconnect the battery to get it to reset, but after that, I have HOT air in the car. WOW, my wife wont need her blanket anymore.

Thank You very much…”




“They Should Have Hired You To Design Their System”

“Hallelujah, my Heater/AC works again! I repaired my previous Grand Cherokee 4 years ago by removing the dashboard myself-I then understood why the labor costs are about $1500, and vowed never to do that job again. So what a total amazement when your repair kit worked exactly as described on my current 2004 Limited and with about an hour of work! No glitches, and no problem getting the set screws tightened! They should have hired you to design their system in the first place.

Thanks again!!”


Grand Rapids, MI



“A Cheap And Easy Fix On A Tight Budget”


I just wanted to email you and thank you for such a great product! I received my dual zone blend door kit for my 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and installed it Friday. Wow!, it was very simple to install, and works great!

I had my Jeep in the shop 2 times to have the heat fixed….both times i went to pick it up, it worked fine. About half-way home it started to blow ice cold again. I was told the blend doors were replaced and there was nothing else wrong with it, so the shop basically refused to look at it again. After doing some research, i found out about the problems with these vehicles. Around that time, the heat was no longer needed, so i decided to deal with it later. When the hot weather came in, i learned my A/C didn’t work well either.

With an 8 month old baby, A/C is a must in these hot Missouri summers. So after doing some more research i found your kit, ordered it, and crossed my fingers.

The instructions are very simple and on point….everything you need to know is right there. Once i cut my holes, i could see both doors were broken. The shop lied about replacing them…the axle was even broke in half. I installed your kit in about 30 minutes and it worked great­Ice cold A/C, and heat warm enough to bake a chicken ­ lol.

Thank you again for such a great product….it was a cheap and easy fix for my young family on a tight budget. My wife and I appreciate this fix very much, and are glad our 8 month old baby girl can ride in the car without being too hot or cold!”




“It’s Like I Have A New Truck Again”

“Heater Treater,

I just wanted to say a HUGE Thank You! For the site, the product and the instructions. I Iive in North Texas, and I have a black truck, not a good combination…..anyway, for the past two summers here, I’ve wondered what was wrong with the AC in my truck. After reading many posts on several Dodge Forum web sites, I learned what the problem was, and one post had a link to your page for the fix.

I was still not completely sure what the problem was, so I sent off an e-mail to confirm my thoughts about the problem, and you confirmed it was my Re-Circ door. I ordered the door, in came within two days and I installed it tonight, and what is “funny” it was exactly like many on the Dodge Forum had said and what your web site said, the door axle had broken and it was laying on the huge blower vent blocking the air from coming through!

I am a big guy with large hands and it took some patience, which I am short on many times, and some finessing with my tools, hands and my daughter holding the flashlight to assist me seeing what I was doing….. but what a difference! It’s like I have a new truck again! Total time was about two hours as I had to take some breaks in this heat, but it works beautifully! Thanks again!”

John K



“I Will Recommend Your Product To Anybody”

“Hi Guys, Great product, Replaced the blend doors dual control on my son’s 99 GC, easy to follow instructions. Took my time, followed the instructions ­ step by step ­ I invested a few hours on a Saturday and saved Hundreds of dollars. Now I know how to do this when my 04 GC needs to be replaced. I will definately buy heatertreater doors and will recommend your product to anybody.

Thanks For the great product”

Nancy W.

Sonora, CA



“It’s A Festivus Miracle”

“Its a FESTIVUS MIRACLE. I have heat in Vermont where it is badly needed and saved a ton of money.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”



“The Fix Is Great And So Simple To Do”

“Hi Chris,

I received it today I just wanted to say thanks alot you didn’t have to do that I really appreciate it and the fix is great and so simple to do. It seems like I fixed one persons jeep and they told there friend and now everyone wants there jeep fixed . I will be ordering another one here shortly again.”

Thanks for everything



“Ford Wanted To Charge Me $1600. No Way…”

“I ordered your product for my daughter’s F-150, followed the installation procedures and got the A/C working great. Ford wanted to charge me $1600, no way I was going to spend that money, all Ford had to do is design the system with an access panel to replace the blend door in case of a failure.

You have a great solution, it works great, it took me a couple of hours to finish, half of that time was spent removing that silly diverter vent, once that was out everything went very smooth………..It felt so great.

Thank you so much.”




“Just Took Over An Hour”

“Worked a treat! bit fiddly and being a right hand drive Jeep, some of the pics and instructions had to be thought about. Took just over the hour Thanks ­ you saved me from paying a lot of money to Jeep!

Happy holidays”



“I Am A Woman And I Put It In In About 2 Hours”

“Hey I just wanted to let you all know that I order one last week and it works great, The instruction was great, I am a woman and I put my door in my heater in about 2 hours, It did take me a bit longer but got it done and it works great.

Thank You so much, you saved me hundards of dollers, the shop wanted over $900.00 to fix the heater, know one could even tell anyting was done to my Ford.”




“Your Directions Are Flawless”

"Thank you for sending me the unit so fast. I successfully put it in my Jeep today. Your directions are flawless. They are easy to follow and very detailed, you really put a lot of thought into them. I found the pictures very helpful.

My neighbors came over and were very impressed with your product. They were also impressed with the way I was able to install it myself and save the money and hassle of having to have someone else do it.

If you ever need another testimonial I would love to give one for you.

You have created a great product. I can see someone making a business of installing your product for a lesser cost for those who are not mechanically inclined to do the installation themselves.

Thank you for all of your help. I truely appreciate it. I can now keep warm because of you.

Thank you and happy holidays :)”



“It’s Wonderful To Have A Cool Car Again!”

“Mr. Allen,

I just want to thank you soooooooo much for this fix! it’s wonderful to have a cool car again! and at a great price! My husband didn’t complain about the install, so all is great!

Thanks again!”




“I Am Extremely Impressed With Your Solution”

“Thanks for your bullet proof HeaterTreater solution for my 2002 Jeep Cherokee Limited. The install took me about 2 hours, and the system now works flawlessly. I am extremely impressed with your solution to that plastic crap used by Chrysler !”



“What A Great Idea…”

"We ordered the HT from you about 2 weeks ago, and it arrived here in New York in three days. What a great idea… Read through the instructions twice and then went to work. No garage, upstate New York in the winter, just doesn’t seem to be a good idea to do this now, but I did. I’m turning 60 in a month, and was able to make this part swap in all of 55 minutes. Yes, I have HEAT. Wish I had thought of it instead of you.”



“You Saved Me Over $1500!"

Chris, Chris, Chris !!! What a fantastic invention “HeaterTreater” fix !!!

You saved me over $1500 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”



“Thank You For This Fantastic Solution”

“The Chrysler dealer gave me a quote of $1800 to replace the broken blend heater doors.

By following the simplified instruction & diagrams, it took me just under two hours to install the kit. At first your some what hesitant cutting into the housing. Once you’ve done this your confidence level rises!

If I were going to install a second “HeaterTreater” fix kit it would take me less than half an hour.

I am definitely going to promote your product to all existing Jeep owners.

Thank you once again for this ‘FANTASTIC’ solution !”

Steve in Ottawa



“The Product Is Awesome.”

“You guys are great! The product is awesome, shipping was fast. I bought it late sunday night, received it yesterday and installed it the same day. I didnt have heat or air conditioning but now I do!! I also received a $1500 quote but you guys definitely saved the day. THANK YOU SO MUCH, I KNOW OTHER PEOPLE WITH GC’S AND I’LL DEFINITELY TELL THEM ABOUT YOUR PRODUCT IF THEIR HEAT/AIR FAILS. THANKS cashxxxx”



“Worth The Money. I Would Recommend It To Anyone.”


Received the HeaterTreater for the F150 yesterday and just finished putting it in this morning. Basically a cinch! The hardest part was removing the bottom vent to get to the actuator motor. I was trying to be too gentle with it. After about 30 minutes I got frustrated with it and just YANKED it out! Should’ve done that at first!!! I used the dremel tool to cut out the hard plastic behind the glove compartment, but used a utility knife to cut the soft plastic of the plenum box. This allowed a much tighter fit when putting it back. I used a hot glue gun to repair the cut and then taped over the “weld” to make sure it was sealed. My A/C now works like a charm and didn’t cost anywhere near the $600+ the local mechanic wanted to pull the dash.

HeaterTreater is a good product and worth the money. I would recommend it to anyone.”




“Your Insight Blows Chrysler Engineers Out Of The Water!”

“Hi Chris: Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I installed your single control kit Sunday morning and it works GREAT! No problems at all. In fact it was just in time. Our weather took a nose dive last night. The temperature this morning was 1 degree here in southern Indiana. I was surprised to discover on my way to work that I had to turn the fan down because I was getting too hot!

I’ve attached a picture of the failed blend door. It broke apart at the pivot point where the white plastic piece fits in. If you look close at the other door (driver’s side) you can see small cracks forming. It was only a matter of time till that failed as well. Feel free to use the picture if you want.

I can’t tell you how glad I am that you had the drive and intelligence to make a difference in this world. Your insight blows the Chrysler design engineers out of the water! “Bravo Zulu”.

Any way, thanks again, I’m going to pass the word around on your products.

Take care and be well.”

Bill D



“I Was A Bit Apprehensive”

"Dear Sirs,

I am happy to contribute to your continued 100% success rate! I ordered the Expediton blend door kit expecting a door. Instead I received the 9 volt tester, a cutting bit (yeah!), and the metal duct tape. That was a great surprise. I was a bit apprehensive about doing the job, but I jumped in with both feet and along with your instructions and your videos on You Tube, I did it!! I am so giddy with myself ­ I keep telling my wife and kids how happy I am (to have saved over $1000). Plus I got to buy a new rotary tool (Target) and swiveling ratchet (Harbor Freight). Both worked great. THANK YOU for a great product and for helping me “Just say no!” to the dealers’ legalized robbery. I only have one matter that needs attention: I did not receive the sticker, and would be PROUD to put it in my glovebox. Please send one to complete my HeaterTreater experience. THANK YOU, again!”


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