Mazda Navajo '97-'01

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Failure of your heat and/or A/C in your Mazda Navajo is due to the failure of your blend door.

Heater Treater replaces the cheap, plastic blend door with steel. Replacing the blend door with the same plastic part from the manufacturer WILL result in continued problems — the same system design problem that caused the failure in the first place WILL happen again.

Heater Treater attacks the root cause of the failure by constructing hardware that is designed to meet the rigors of normal operation of the HVAC system, and last for the life of the truck.

If you feel uncomfortable installing the repair yourself, go Here to find a HeaterTreater certified garage near you.

Mazda Navajo '97-'01
Mazda Navajo '97-'01 HeaterTreater Ford Explorer Ranger Heater/AC fix

Do you have the problem?

The usual symptom is an inability to effectively control the temperature in your car. Note that this symptom can also be caused by a bad temp control knob, and this is a common failure on Ford trucks. Please check carefully before considering the blend door fix.

The blend door hangs on a vertical axis, so turning a sharp corner, or fiddling with the fan speed can swing the door into the hot or cold position randomly. While the symptoms are fairly conclusive for blend door failure, the only way to really check it out is to remove the blend door actuator motor and look at the axle.

Another reported symptom is a clicking sound coming from the actuator motor. This occurs when the motor gears get out of alignment and are slipping against each other, making the noise. Sometimes you can make it stop by pushing down on the back of the motor and getting the gears to catch. The failure usually occurs with a broken blend door that allows the motor to get out of alignment and twist slightly, causing the gears to disengage. Heater Treater will put the system back in alignment and correct this problem.



The Heater Treater Kit does the following:

  • Replaces the plastic blend doors and axle with steel components.
  • All work is done through the glove box opening and no disassembly of the dash or evacuation of the AC system is required.
  • Tools required are a screw driver, pair of pliers, and a Dremel tool (purchased at any Target or hardware store).
  • Includes detailed instructions and all hardware required to complete the fix, including dremel bits and metal tape to seal the cut.
  • The repair will take about an 90 minutes the first time, and once you have experience, about 45 minutes.
  • No extensive mechanical skills are required.
  • The instructions are dual-level, for mechanics and a “Instructions for Dummies” version.
  • The fix is really easy and MUCH preferable to disassembly of the entire dash and engine cooling systems.
  • We provide customer support via email or phone if required.



The following videos demonstrate the Heater Treater installation process for all Ford Expeditions, Ford F150′s and Lincoln Navigators. The video demonstration is performed on the F150.

Our apologies in advance. The videos are amateurish and probably too long. Feel free to skip through the boring sections. It will take about as long to do the fix as to watch the video.

Full instructions with pictures are included with the kit, so between the instructions and the video, the job should go fairly smoothly. From some of our customers comments, the hardest part is getting up the nerve to make the first cut into the box. Once you’ve made the commitment, the fix goes smoothly. If you ever have a reason to do a second repair, it will be very easy.

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