Jeep Grand Cherokee Blend Door Fix

This page contains the diagnosis/installation videos for the Jeep Grand Cherokee(98-04). The videos are not meant to be installation instructions, only an overview of the process. We include complete written instructions in each kit. We find that customers can do the installation from just the instruction, or just the video, or both... The blend door installation is fairly easy. Replacing the re-circ door is more involved and requires pulling the dash panel back to get access to the re-circ door. It's much much easier than the factory recommended process, but still more work than the blend door and will take most of a Saturday afternoon to do. Both fixes are rock solid and will outlast your GC.

Blend Door Installation We have three different blend door kits for the GC. The video shows the process for the installation through the glove box for the standard HeaterTreater and the Dual Control Heatertreater. The PRO HeaterTreater is basically a duplicate of the OEM hardware and uses the same process as used by the dealer.

1. Standard HeaterTreater - Replaces both blend doors and connects the doors together. Both doors operate under control from the driver's side knob, and both sides of the GC will be at the same temperature. The passenger side still displays a temperature and it can be "adjusted" with the control knob, it just doesn't do anything. Most of the time, the passenger won't know that his knob doesn't really control anything and the driver can just watch the display and treat the passenger side temperature as a request to adjust the driver's side display a little. This is the cheapest and easiest repair.

2. Dual Control HeaterTreater - Replaces both blend doors and retains dual control functionality. The fix is done through the glove box and doesn't require removal of the dash or plenum box. A second motor is added on the front side of the box to control the back(passenger) door. The repair also requires modifications to the glove box storage area to make room for the second motor. The kit is more expensive and requires more work to install, but will retain dual control functionality if that is an important consideration in the repair.

3. HeaterTreater PRO - This kit is basically a metal reproduction of the OEM hardware. Installation requires removal of the dash and plenum box. This kit retains dual control and will replace the plastic OEM parts with metal parts that won't break again over time. The kit is a lot of work to install and customers usually choose this option if they have to remove the plenum box to replace the heater core or AC evaporator core.

Most Recent Jeep GC Video

Parts 1 and 2 show the installation of the standard HeaterTreater. Part 3 shows how the dual control HeaterTreater is installed.

Original Jeep Grand Cherokee Video

This is basically the same as the video above, but does have more information on methods for making cuts into the box in the first section.

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