Ford F150, Ford Expedition, Lincoln Navigator installation information

The same plenum box is used on these three models and the HeaterTreater kit will fix the blend door problems on all three across the years noted in the listings. The repair of the blend door in the plenum box is fairly straight forward, but accessing the actuator motor on the bottom of the box is different for different years and models. Note that Ford did not anticipate the level of HVAC problems that are showing up on these models and NO consideration was given to ease of access for repair. Standard Ford procedures require complete removal of the plenum box to make a repair. Our process is done without removal of the box, but there will be some frustration and "physical persuasion" to get the system accessible for repair. If you want to do it the "easy" way, take it to the dealer and pay big bucks. If you are willing to put in a little work, HeaterTreater is a proven and reliable fix.

The video below shows the process on a later model F150 and will give you a good overview of the process and work involved. On the F150, access is fairly easy. The one shown in the video has an electronic module mounted below the plenum box, but earlier models may or may not have this same module depending on year and option packages.

On the Navigator and Expedition, there is a center console between the seats that has to be removed to get access to the plenum box. The removal process is outlined below. Once you remove the console, there is a plastic distribution vent below the plenum box that has to be removed to get access to the actuator motor. Depending on year and options, this vent may just distribute air to the passenger and driver's side, or may have an extension to distribute air to the back of the automobile. This vent is not a high pressure or structural component and you will have to get a little "creative" to remove it. If you loosen the metal struts on the front, it will give a little more room to work. You can always just cut the vent down the center with a dremel tool or hot knife to get it out. The dash panels and center consoles vary across years with minor cosmetic improvements, but the basic configuration and plenum box stays the same. We don't have the staff or access to document every different configuration, so there will be some times when you are "on your own". Pictures below show what some of our cutomers have done and will give you some clues.


Our apologies in advance. The videos are amateurish and probably too long. Feel free to skip through the boring sections. It will take about as long to do the fix as to watch the video. Full instructions with pictures are included with the kit, so between the instructions and the video, the job should go fairly smoothly. From some of our customers comments, the hardest part is getting up the nerve to make the first cut into the box. Once you've made the commitment, the fix goes smoothly. If you ever have a reason to do a second repair, it will be very easy.

The following pictures and center console removal will help with a Ford Expedition or Lincoln Navigator repair.

Center Console Removed

Motor Access

Console Removal 1

Console Removal 2

Console Removal 3

Console Removal 4

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