Ford Explorer ('96-'02), Ranger, Mercury Mountaineer, Mazda Installation Video

The YouTube video link below is for a video showing the installation of the HeaterTreater blend door repair into the plenum box used on the Explorer from 96-01. The same box was used on the Mercury Mountaineer, Mazda Navajo, Ford Ranger, and Mazda B series pickup trucks. There may be differences in your automobile with floor shift, center console, different sound systems, color/dash style, etc., but the plenum box is the same on these models and the HeaterTreater is constructed to fit these models. Your particular vehicle may have slight differences, but the basic installation process will be the same.

The video has two sections due to length restrictions on YouTube. Note also that if access to YouTube is blocked, the link won't work. The first section includes the installation process on a cut-down plenum box done on a bench top, and the second section shows more information on the vehicle itself. The repair is fairly easy and is 100% effective. Other solutions that require removing the dash entail significantly more work. Removing the steering wheel/column or evauating the AC system require specialized skills and should only be attempted by experienced techs. Our kit requires no removal of critical systems and can be done by the average shade tree mechanic with no risk of causing additional problems or damage.

Our videos are a little amateurish, but hopefully will give you a good overview of the process and confidence that you can do the fix yourself, or easily find a mom and pop garage that can do it for you at signifcantly less cost than the recommended dealer fix.

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