Ford Explorer, Mercury Mountaineer '02+ Installation Information

The instructions provided with the kit show how to do the work without moving the dash panel. We have received feedback(and agree) that it is difficult to access the motor and make the cut into the plenum box. We have developed an alternative process to pull back the dash panel and open the area for easier installation. The work can be done without this procedure, but the extra time to remove the dash will shorten the overall process in most cases. The following video shows a vehicle with a center panel covering the center of the dash. This process removes the center panel and cuts the dash in half, pulling back only the driver's side of the dash. A second process is also added below.

This set of videos also shows the later model Explorer and Mountaineer. On this vehicle, the dash is a single piece and cannot be cut without a visible cut in the dash panel. This process also cuts some hidden plastic to get access to the actuator motor and is probably easier than the process above.

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