Dodge Ram '02-'08 Video

The video is in three parts and links are provided below. The video shows the process for removing the dash panels and inspecting the different air control doors for failure. On this particular truck, the re-circ door and Mode Door 1 were found to be broken, and the repair for these two doors is shown. The other doors are similar and the same basic process is used.

Some truck models have a center console between the seats that will have to be removed. The removal is fairly straight forward, just don't forget the two screws on the back, sides of the console that are reached by moving the seats forward. There may also be slight differences in the dash appearance, however they are all similar. The plenum box is identical through the application range, so the process for repair is identical even if accessing the plenum box is a little different.

Additional information is available in the product listing describing the function of each door and the most common symptoms when the door fails. The video is about 25min and it will take almost as long to watch the video as to do the fix. Feel free to fast forward through the boring parts.

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