604-106 Actuator Motor

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The HeaterTreater 604-106 actuator motor has been re-designed with hardier gears to solve the common problem of the gears breaking. Our motors have a lifetime warranty and full customer support, along with fast domestic shipping. We are experts in this field and can solve any problem that may come up. In addition we allow refunds for any reason. We are the lowest cost, easily beating both OEM and Dorman brands. Go with HeaterTreater today to replace your broken actuator motor!

604-106 Actuator Motor
604-106 Actuator Motor 604-106 Installation

Chevrolet Actuator Motors

Major Causes of Failure

  1. Stripped gears in actuator motor will usually have a constant clicking noise when first stripped. Our motors are designed with stronger gears under HeaterTreater auspices and supervision.
  2. The actuator motor is at the low point of the box and if the condensation drain tube is stopped up, water can get into the electronics of the motor, causing failure. We do coat the electronics in our motors to insure moisture resistance, but it's a good idea to make sure the drainage hose is clear.
  3. The thrid and probably most common issue is electrical overloading of the motor. When you buy a new Chevy, their goal is to minimize cose and maximize profit. Their is to provide a battery that will last one day longer than the warranty period. When you replace the battery, you're generally getting a better battery with more cold-cranking amps and more power provided to the electronic components. The HVAC system is designed for the low cost battery and can break with a higher current load. We do use better components in our replacement motor than the OEM motors.

Complete Confidence in the Repair

The most common failure is the actuator motor and this should be eliminated first. We do have a replacement steel blend door available for the Chevy models and if the door is broken, this is a reasonable repair for the system. Most of our repaires are fairly simple, but the Chevy box is difficult to access and this repair is a little more difficult than most of our products. We do have a video available on our product listing page to give you an overview of the process.

In short, HeaterTreater will provide a low cost actuator motor with a full replacement if required. We offer this because we are confident that we'll never have to replace one... If the problem turns out to more involved, we can provide the products and support to effect a complete permanent repair.

While you are changing the motor it is a good idea to consider upgrading the blend door to a HeaterTreater steel reinforced version.

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