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"Fix Your Car's Heat and A/C In As Little As An Hour And Save Up To $1493 In Replacement Parts And Labor Costs"

Repair Your Blend Door Problem At Home. No Mechanical Experience Required...

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No heat or A/C in your car? Chances are it's caused by a common blend door failure. The blend door is a small plastic door inside your car that regulates the flow of air through your heater core. It's a small, inexpensive part, but it's buried in the heater box and the dealer repair requires removing your steering column, your dash panel, disconnecting your AC system and radiator in order to remove the heater box, only to replace the blend door with the same weak, poorly-designed part that failed in the first place. This all takes them five to eight hours of labor to complete and allows them to charge you as much as $1500 for a simple replacement part.

But Heater Treater has developed a far easier and cheaper way, that anybody with basic mechanical skills can do.

Heater Treater provides an easy-to-install custom solution to the common blend door problem. Our fix often takes as little as an hour to complete, even by someone with no mechanic experience. Our method is thoroughly-tested, engineer-designed, and has a 100% success rate across thousands of vehicles. We offer ongoing customer support and detailed written instructions as well as video demonstrations. If you feel uncomfortable doing the repair yourself, go Here to find a HeaterTreater certified garage near you.


Why Should You Go With HeaterTreater?

  • We are American made. We do not outsource parts or skimp on quality in any way.
  • Using cheap Chinese plastic parts will lead to failure in the future. Our parts are steel and guaranteed by us to last for the life of the car.
  • We are the experts in this field. Our company is a team of engineers who offer full customer support. When using our product, help is only a phone call away. Don't be left stranded by the other guy!
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"If I Can Do It, Anyone Can!"

"Being a financial adviser by trade, I am less than an ccompished mechanic. However, when two different mechanics told me it would cost more than $1,000 to fix the problem and they would have to pull out the entire dash, I was determined to find an alternative. I followed your instructions and took my time and it worked out great. My A/C is "ice cold" and works like its new! If I can do it, anyone can!"

- Curtis, Kansas City, MO

100% Success Rate Gaurantee

Satisfaction Guaranteed HeaterTreater has a perfect success record on all of our products. We offer free customer service and will walk you step-by-step through the entire installation process. If for whatever reason our product does not work for you, or you are in any way not satisfied with the result, we offer a full refund minus shipping and handling. There's no risk involved.

"When I think Of The Time And Money We Saved, I Am In Awe."

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you. My '97 Ford Expedition was very chilly in northern Canada. I took it to a well known automobile service chain and was first quoted $700 saying that I needed to replace the actuator motor. They phoned me back three hours later saying it was actually my blend door and it would be $1,917. I told them to leave it.

I typed in HVAC system on my computer and came across you! I asked my husband what he thought and he said to try it, and it is awesome! They wanted to replace the heater box, heater core and blend door and when I think of the money and time saved, I am in awe. My 65 year old dad and I put it together in an afternoon and I am so proud for finding you. I love you guys!"

- Jennifer, Grande Praire, AB

For more information you can read our Customer Testimonials or visit our FAQ page. If you have a specific question or concern, feel free to Contact Us.

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